Cheese is a virtual chess-oriented programming language created by APS.

Play mode

It is totally based in the chess ability of Hyper Programmer. May be he is a really good programmer, but he is a really mediocre chess player, so this game is a total failure as Hyper Programmer hangs pieces like a crazy monkey. However, the sales were very good, as people just love to win.

Hyper Programmer catchphrases

  • "Did you take my Queen? Beat me, I believe it was a peon".
  • "You can not take my king and continue playing".
  • "It is me, or you have nine queens?"
  • "Done! My evilest scheme... I have sacrificed my Queen to destroy your bishop! What? Queens are more important?".
  • "This game is insulting and feminist... Who gives all that power to the Queen!"
  • "It is the first time I see a triple checkmate"
  • "Yeah! You have fallen in my trap! Dont you?"

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