Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

The only thing you really want is to escape, and that is what you will do.

You: Where is my horse?

The nymph smiles, and she answers:

Nymph: That beautiful animal deserved to be undomesticated, I released him, now he is a deer, now he belongs on the forest. Do not try to call him, he is not yours. Now he is a forestal deity, devoted to the Earth and the forest

You call for help, you know your horse will come to save you,

Nymph: Why do you want to escape? I just do not get it... I can not believe you want to continue that terrible mortal life... mortals are so stupid... I offer them life and wine, and they only want to flee away, to go back to their wold of war, pain and grief... How sick!

Soon, a deer appears. It is your horse, you are sure.

'Nymph: Oh, deer! What are you doing here? Are you worried about him? I will not hurt him, the only thing I like is his male fecundity... Go away, deer, you are free

The Nymph blows his breath of wine over the deer, trying to make him even more wild so he can forget everything about you. The deer becomes wilder, indeed, but it does not prevent him from entering into the cave and helping you to get out. The forestal sprites that the nymphs have brought on him tries to make him to be a savage animal, but his will is by far stronger and he finally releases you. You mount him and now you both flee.

You: No worry, horsy, I will see how can I make you a stallion again...

You finally get into the central forest, while the nymphs do not stop singing to make you both to cede before your natural instincts.

There are two ways, but you do not know which one to take...

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