Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

You get into the center of the sacred forest, and there is located a spring.

Suddenly, a water nymph rises from the water, and she gives you a sword by saying:

Nymph: Please take this sword. It is a fery sword with many powers, that will protect you if you have to confront any evil monster in your travel

You: But... Why are you giving me this sword

Nymph: You are cute... I like you... I love you... When I looked at you, riding that marvelous divine horse, I just fell in love... But I am just an aquatic, I can not go with you... but if you get this sword from me, it will be like I am with you forever. Please accept it... If you do not accept I will die of love

Powers of the Sword

  • Claw of Flames: You can throw flames bu just waving up the sword.
  • Rain of Apollo: You can hold this sword over your head, and a rain of fire will begin to fall around. The fire is sacred and it will not hurt you, but it will be fatal for any enemy.
  • Invocation to the Lares: You can insert this sword into the soul, and a wall of flames will rise up and wrap around you to defend you
  • Secret powers: Secret that are only known by the fairies. Be careful, some of them may be dangerous for you

Will you accept the sword?

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