CREATURE would be a game kinda like spore if youv'e played that. You get given a planet at the start of the game and you create different creautres to go in the planet. They can be aquatic, land dwellers and air born creautres and you place them on your planet in habbitats and enviroments that they would be suited to. Thats only the start then you can play as any of the many creatures you created and switch between them at any time. There would be lots of things do as one of your creatures wheather it be using your cunning and skill to hunt for prey or using speed and camouflage to stay away from the predators. In this game there would be no superior races like humans. The creature creator would have a huge amount of choice so that the variety of the creatures would be really big. For online play you could go to other peoples planets and play as there creatures for as long as you want. Anyone can use this idea but please leave a comment.

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