Torch Maiden

It is a collaborative maze, you can expand it as you wish.

The fairy looks at you, she looks happy.

Fairy: So do you want to remain with me forever. Oh, by the sacred flames, I like you, I am so glad... But you can not remain here at that state. Look at you, you are just a silly mortal. Come with me, enter into the bonfire, she will turn you into an eternal being of fire, just like me.

The bonfire begins to wildly burn, it is excited, the flames really want you.

Fairy: Do not fear. Just close your eyes walk into the fire and have hope, there will be a miracle, and you will be a holy flaming sprite. Yes, it will be painful, you will fell how your simple mortal flesh is being burnt out by the flames, but you will born again from your ashes, just like the phoenix do.

Will you sacrifice yourself in the flames?

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