Bloody Frenzy is a game that takes place in 2003 in a Japanese City.It is like tekken but the only difference is that their are new fighting styles as well as old ones


Kazoki Kazamata: The leader of F5 a fictional terrorist group whose goal is world domination. He fights with Dragonbreath Kung Fu Age:53 Nationality-Japanese

Fazi: A mysterious Ninja who seeks to destroy Kazoki to protect the realms. He fights with 5-Style Ninjuitsu Nationality-Egyptian

Anika Tyler: An Mercenary who sells her talents to the highest bidder.She fights with koppo ken and assassination techniques Nationality-African-American Age:34


Jayce Arnell: An African-American muay thai kickboxer he enters the tournament to prevent F5 from taking over the world Nationality-African-American with french ancestry.He wears a sleeveless hoodies and Black kickboxing shorts and orange tape around his fists and feet

Jeff Morrison: A sexy arrogant ladies man who is in league with F5 he enters the tournament to murder Jayce Fighting Style-Wrestling Age-21

Marcy: An sinister robot who enters the tournament to do KAzoki's bidding Age-95[3895 in human years]

Retzu: A Japanese arms seller who enters the tournament in order to silence F5's Critics

Reege: An basketball player who enters the tournament for the fun of it not realizing that F5 poses a threat

Lester Maio: A Hispanic street race who enters the tournament to get back at F5 for murdering his mother

Roger: A sinister man who tortures his victims at F5's bidding he enters the tournament to torture more people

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