• Liljuan1634

    2016 Washington Nationals at Los Angeles Dodgers 2017 Philadelphia Phillies at Seattle Mariners 2018 Kansas City royals at Tampa bay rays 2019 Pittsburgh Pirates at Washington Nationals 2020 Colorado Rockies at Atlanta braves

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  • Daneofscandinavy

    Unofficial Admin

    December 20, 2013 by Daneofscandinavy

    As I'm currently the most active user on this wiki, I consider myself to be Unofficial Admin. I have no more rigths than you, the regular wikia user, but I'm doing what I can to protect this wiki from vandals and trolls, and make a system out of the whole mess.

    I have made an adoption request to Wikia, so I'm hoping that I soon will be able to do more for this wiki and perhaps, attract more users. If you're reading this, and you oppose my potential promotion or you have any better candidates in mind, please write it below.

    Edit: I'm now the official admin and bureaucrat of this wiki.

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  • Iparty

    NHL Slash

    June 29, 2013 by Iparty

    Everyone go check out my idea I had for a game! Search NHL Slash and see if you like it! Hoping people do! Iparty (talk) 00:22, June 29, 2013 (UTC)iparty

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  • Brandon Goss Ideas

    The Exploratory Universe Game Idea...

    Brandon Goss Ideas (talk) 15:22, February 25, 2013 (UTC)

    Exploratory Universe

    I have a great video game idea and wish to share it for anyone to use, as long as I get some credit.

    Imagine a universe in which each logged on player would be assigned to a planet. Each player is to design their own video game on their planet in like a game devolpment environment phase. The player could make a planet that could be like Halo, or like Mario Brothers and etc, as long as your not infringing on other companies ideas of games.

    There could be two different types game world devolpment modes. One type of designing mode could be easy to understand for kids, so that they can design their planet. In this case all one needs t…

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  • SjDixon

    Pokemon; Ultimate Masters

    November 25, 2012 by SjDixon

    Imagine the world of Pokemon overlaid onto the real world uising the tool of our smart phones. ?

    The game would have a few main interfaces. ? These are in no particular order:
    Screen 1 : A map(possibly google maps based) with a beautiful pokemon theme over laid. ? This idea is based on my experience with the mobile game "The Great Land Grab" ( . On the map; your character( a pokemon trainer) would appear in your location in the center. ? Existing lakes, towns, mountains, and roads would all remain but be designated with a pokemon theme/coloring. ? The towns and cities would have the same names but it would be cool if new names were given to mountains, lakes, forests, ponds ans such. ? Each tow…
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  • RaidentheHero

    [1] Follow Send a PM This is the official suggestions page for my game Dragonball Z Raging Blast: Tenkaichi Unleashed. This page will basically tell you the intro of the game, and of course the title theme for the game.

    English Version (Instrumental):

    Hironobu Kageyama - Beat a Nail With Your Hammer!

    Japanese version (w/ lyrics): Same

    [Link removed] (The reason why it was spaced out was because of the website not allowing links )

    It starts off viewing the ocean, while moving forward, and it'll start to move up viewing the clouds, but nothing else yet. Moving forward, short clips of Goku will be shown for every 4 seconds. The 1st one you'll see him from the back, 2nd it will come up another part of his body, 3rd you'll see the left side of his c…

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  • Graeme.kilshaw

    The Friendship Cube is a gaming tool. It could be made of lightweight and soft silicon. It could have its own RFID chip. Each cube could be given a name from its user.

    The Friendship Cube could be used in online environments to interact and communicate. It could be used in educational environments that involve strategy, communication, navigation, or binary numeracy.

    The sky is the limit! Maybe even beyond! Open the portal for the Friendship Cube to be used in Video Games, and the world will become a funner place!

    Contact Graeme Kilshaw for more ideas / info on specific aspects of the Friendship Cube!

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  • Ren Schmidt

    I have a great book that could be the most awesome game. Keeping in mind that it really is an idea never thought of before that would reach all ages and is extremely exciting. This statement has probably been said millions of time before, but sometime there really will be the most unusual game/book idea and this could be it. How do I proceed? Thanks, Ren

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  • Strike 77

    As the title implies:

    Then please comment on what you have chosen and why.

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  • Ed20988


    February 1, 2010 by Ed20988

    new game idea create a batman game like the spiderman games and grand theft auto. where you can drive all batman's vehicles. with upgrades and all his gadgets too. to go along with the new batman movies

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