Anti-Earth is an evil version of Eath, built of evil antimatter.


Main differences between anti-Earth and Earth:

  • The anti-fire is cold.
  • The anti-air is poisonous, but anti-humans like poisons.
  • The anti-water is black, as poisonous as the air.
  • The anti-soil is liquid.
  • anti-Every anti-single anti-word anti-begins anti-with anti-the anti-word anti-.
  • the anti-porn is awful
  • the anti-people are not homphobic
  • the anti-vagina goes in the anti-dick
  • the anti-men have anti-dicks
  • the anti-women have anti-vaginas
  • the anti-men have boobies
  • the anti-cats aren't awesome
  • the anti-soviet russia does things the normal way
  • the anti-plumbing is fantastic
  • the anti-ass has two holes and cracks, but only one cheek
  • the anti-woodchuck could chuck as much anti-wood as an anti-woodchuck could not chuck if an anti-woodchuck could not chuck anti-wood
  • the anti-mother-in-law is a welcome sight
  • the anti-women take creepshots of anti-men
  • the anti-child porn is legal, while anti-adult porn is not
  • the anti-donuts are an anti-hole with a cut out anti-ring
  • the anti-earth anti-people consider themselves to be the earth, and us the anti-earth
  • the anti-french fart any direction but your general direction
  • the anti-gravity pushes anti-people away from anti-earth, shooting them out into the anti-space
  • the anti-earth has anti-people who come up with good ideas for video games
  • the anti-earth is located between neptune and uranus

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