This story now begins while I don't feel well, honestly.

This just an introduction.

Section heading

It is about the Third World at War. I’m going to create this war, of course in a fantasy world!

Section heading

“We go back, before anything happens.  A specific kind of Aliens are interested in some treasures on the planet earth and they also want to get rid of human beings because aliens consider them as rivals. But they do not want to waste their own resources and forces, so they decide to kill all the humans by creating a huge flood. But this won’t do any good to them because there are shelters on earth. So they decide to release a huge powerful  electromagnetic  wave, but this also won’t do any good to them neither  because by sending the wave, they’ll probably lose their treasures. Finally, they conclude setting up a World-at-war to end the misery and achieve what they want.”

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