Alros and The Torch of Skies is a video-game-idea. Its setting is the fantasy realm of Dream of Light. This whole is performed as an One-Player Console Video Game. It can be adopted as a RPG, but at this moment only a main character is involved.


The beginning

Alros met a Fairy of Skies named Fairy Brilea when he was six years old. He was playing in the Blue Fountaine when he discovered a little altar between the rocks, with a little sculpture of a fairy. He took the sculpture, then suddenly, fire began to burn into the altar and a beautiful woman appeared from the flames. She was upset as the kid touched the sacred altar, but the kid calmed her promising to make offerings of flowers and fruits in that altar everyday. The fairy, wanting to be honored, accepted. The offerings were abundant, as Alros picked flowers all the time just to offer them to the fairy. She was really delighted, and after some years she decided to make Alros a sacred knight despite being just a kid. Alros accepted, and she, closing her mouth to the face of the kid, blows a sweet wind over the child. Thanks to that wind, the mysteries of fairies of skies were revealed to him, and his ears were able to hear the shine chorus of singing fairies in the forests. Brilia shown him the Torch of Skies, a treasure of the fairies of the skies that contained the fire of Dawn. This fire is the only fire enough deign to burn in the altars of the skies, and if an altar's fire is extinguished, the fairies revive it using the torch.

The game begins

Alros Riding

Alros riding his cow.

The game begins at night. He awakes. There is something strange in the room: The clock shows the hour is 10:00 AM. It is really strange. The player goes out of house, and he runs straight to the forests. He can not hear the song of the nocturnal fairies, neither the Moon is in the sky. Only clouds are visible, really dark clouds, but there is not raining. If the player goes further into the forest, he will find a crying Brilea. "The Sun is not out! We are ruined!" Brilea said. After some chat, Brilea explains something horrible has happened: There are not fairies into the forests. She is really worried about her sisters. "I am sure something has happened in the Temples of the Skies. This coldness... It looks like the fire of the nine temples has been put off". To prevent the chaos, Brilea has to become a star so she can give light to the forests and cities. But it is temporal, and someone has to light the nine altars again. And Alros, as her sacred knight, is the one has to. She gives the torch to Alros, and a map to reach the nine temples. Shortly after, she becomes a star, and the day come back to the forest. But the clouds are too thick, the light of Brilea would not remain. "But How Can I go to the temples, I can not be walking during days". Brilea, as a star, puts a beam of light over a bee and it becomes a little white cow named Irobe. Brilea explains: "She will take you to the temples. And do not worry of food, this cow will give you honey and milk to satisfy your hunger". Alros likes to ask something more, but the clouds are hidding to Brilea. Now the game stars, and the boy began his travel on Irobe to the temples.

The Altars

Forestal Altars

Those altars can be accessed when Alros is a sacred knight.

Divine Altars

Those altars only can be accessed when Alros is transformed into a Sacred Wind (Wind Alros).


There are the general instructions to control Alros (as a sacred knight).

  • Direction buttons: To move.
  • B button: To release a firestorm (attack).
  • A button: To release a firewall (defense).
  • X button: To drink honey and milk from Irobe (Alros must be right next to the cow). It will heal Alros's life, but Alros will have to let Irobe to eat 25 bushes before he can drink her honey and milk again.
  • Y button: To ride/to Get Off of Irobe.
  • Select: To invoke Brilea's light. She can heal him if necessary, but the likes of Brilea's light crossing through the clouds are really low (about 1/15). Furthermore, the invocation will consume some Alros's life. Anyways, there are special places (I.E. A high hill), where the likes of the light of Brilea reaching him are by far higher.
  • Start: To see the map.

When his life is out, Alros does not die, but golden fairies come to rescue and heal him. However, he will be send back to the last altar he lights up.

Common Enemies

Each temples has its own enemies that Alros has to defeat, but he can find common enemies in the path to the different temples, I.E.: Grounts, false fairies, Trollmen, Flies of Disease and many other evil beings. There also exist many sacred fairies that like him and they will do everything possible to make him to forget his mission, so they can enjoy forever his company, ala Callipso and Ulises. The path to the Great Temple of the Fairies and that temple itself have no enemies, so the only thing that Alros has to worry about are the playful fairies who try to distract him.

The Major Villain

Lord Dim is the final villain to defeat. He killed eight sacred knights, but he does not expect the last knight was not in the Great Temple of Fairies. Indeed, Brilea was planning to make Alros the guardian of that temple, but he was too young yet.

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