A game that the protaganist is a dad he had a beautiful family with loving kids but after the decline of the dollar in 2017 America is ruled by gangs and robbers it is a very unhospitable place to live, while a

t the family home John Pierce's house is raided by the infamous gang leader Tim Weston and his goons he watched as his wife and 2 kids were murdered brutally in front of him after they killed his son they came over and brutally cut his heart out and burned it (a ritual that sends the person who owns the heart to Hell) while his wife and kids went to heaven he was dragged down to Hell wheir satan makes a deal with him to grant john supernatural abillities for vengence on the people that killed his family for the price that he will be satan's right hand man after that he placed back on earth with a black aura surronding him marking him as a demonic henchman satan can also communicate and punsh him he also has a variarty of other super human powers like super strength, morphing,

necromancy, invisable shroud and the ability to harvest souls john starts by killing the goons one by one when he kills one he progressively grows stronger then he reaches Tim Weston john finds out that jim has power of his own they have a giant battle and john at the en d stumbles over to Tim ready to finish him off but he tells john that he is the same as him the devil was using him to get him and the goons who should have died but cheated death he is so angry that he goes back to hell and trys to kill the devil but he is far too strong and he stabs john in the heart (his weak point) and send john to purgatory as he is there he sees a bright light and a figure of what appears to be a angel but its his wife he starts to cry he trys to touch her and she holds his hand on her face and a tear rolls down her face she leans in and kisses him and that kiss breaks away the darkness and he is returned to his normal self he is amazed she then says " he is going to give let you in " he is then reunited with his family in everlasting bliss.

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