Im not a game developer or into the gaming buisness I just have a game idea that has not been done since Dave Mirra in the 90's. I call it "RIDE". It would have the same concept, and controls as the game SKATE by EA. Build your bike from the bottom up, brand of bike, types and colors of tires and rims, frame color and size (heavy or light depending on the event), pedals, seat (low or high if your doing downhill or freestyle), handlebars, grips, and pegs. Create your rider , full spectrum, face, body, demeanor, and clothes. Gameplay: You start as a local rider trying to become pro, entering varoius events on the way. You earn new bikes, bike parts, new tricks, new clothes, and sponsors as you advance. The ultimate goal is to make a name for yourself, develop your own Bike label, and "RIDE" it in the X-Games. There can be freestyle comps, vert comps, downhill racing comps, dirt and street racing, and if you wanted to add a little extra you can add Mountain bike racing into the game. This would give you the ability to have all different realms in the game, having to use different bikes for different events. You can use the slo-mo cam if you string a line of tricks together. The city should be free roam, having at least 5 huge different parts to the city. Downtown district, industrial, mountainside, bike\skate parks, and residential. You can also add create a park. This is just an idea just because I love BMX and I love games, so if anyone knows how to get this started PLEASE do.

Thank You

Serious Gamer

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